Safir Global DMCC started its journey in 2021 as a global brand offering network marketing services. Headquartered in Dubai, the brand has collaborated with numerous high profile clients and products, catering to the global consumer needs. Since 2022, we have transformed to an international marketing and distribution company that caters to the blockchain industry and brands that create technological solutions in the sectors that include Blockchain, AI, Health and Energy.


We intend to introduce futuristic innovations that are easily accessible to everyone.


Our core mission is to elevate startups and established entities in blockchain industries through our efforts. We aim at presenting each client in the global market and allowing them to succeed through our dynamic marketing services.

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Future is brighter when you're strategically more prepared


Exclusive Services

Introduce innovative products so unique that either creates a new market or enhances an existing market


Elite Community

Achieve a progressive wave of positive impact through pioneers in the global society


Employer Brand

Build an employer brand that cherish the creativity and growth of committed employees who work passionately in a cooperative working environment.


Exponential Growth

Grow and establish globally and have fully operating workspaces around the world


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